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Moxie Acupuncture

I cannot rave enough about my experience working with Tara. As a start-up, I fret about spending my money wisely, but hiring Tara was an essential investment! She’s responsive, professional, patient, and a sweetheart to work with - and beyond that, she is creative, intuitive, and hyper-articulate. She understood what I was going for - most of the time, even better than I could explain. I came to her with messy clumps of ideas, and she helped map out an elegant framework and flow that I’m proud of.
— SooHee Straub, Independent Practitioner/Owner- Moxie Acupuncture

New Business Design strategy: 

This project focused on crafting an experience that helped SooHee communicate the breadth of her offerings and her unique approach and philosophies in a personal down-to-earth manner.  My main goal was to provide a solid foundation of what each treatment is, how it is applied, what the outcomes usually are, what to expect, and how to prepare for a session. Which not only provides a very accessible user experience, but helps SooHee build up her client relationships as a new business- understanding that many of her potential clients are either new to Acupuncture or experience a slow adoption rate to making acupuncture a part of their wellness care.  

* note this is a first iteration- once SooHee has more quality photos- we plan to do a second iteration focusing on color palate and images.

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