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Fractured Atlas Artist Profile Engagement

Tara’s extensive work as an experiential performing artist lends itself to her brilliant design work - she is able to see a user’s experience as an audience would a performance. She is clear and concise in her vision and execution. Since she transformed our website, we have seen a dramatic increase in engagement, and have since completed a second project with her and begun working on a third. Thank you Tara!
— Elizabeth Carena, Third Rail Projects' Managing Director

Ticketing user flow: 

The main goal of this redesign was to parse out, and prioritize ticket information creating clear pathways for the user depending the kind of ticketing option they are interested in. Taking into consideration that they have different questions at different times, and on both the client facing and user facing side of things- different information is needed to be communicated at different times.  The previous information had most of the ticketing options and information condensed into 1 page and there were no unique pathways provided. 

*The site's bounce-rate dramatically decreased by half after redesign launch- from a steady 60% to a steady 30%.  Along with a 140% increase in ticket page views, the primary revenue stream for the company. 

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